What to Wear at Disneyland During Each Season

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When you go to Disneyland for the first time, it can be a bit difficult to know what to expect. The park will definitely be fun but what should you wear? Will it be hot in the summer? Are California winters cold? There is a lot to consider while deciding what to pack for a Disneyland adventure. Here is a concise guide to what to wear to  Disneyland!

What to Wear at Disneyland during Summer

For her:

When packing for a Disneyland vacation during the summer, it is important to consider that it gets extremely hot in California. Temperatures are usually around the mid-80s to low-90s but will feel much hotter in the concrete and human stuffed park. You want to dress comfortably and in a way that allows airflow for maximum heat exhaustion prevention.

  • A short dress or romper is a good choice.
  • Maxi dresses may get cumbersome but something shorter will allow you to remain cool and free to walk and run about as you please.
  • Shorts are a great choice, too, as are long, breezy pants and capris.
  • I personally recommend you avoid skinny jeans or any black or tight pants because they trap in heat and get really uncomfortable.
  • Heavy shirts are annoying, too, so I recommend going for something light and flowy or a t-shirt of some sort.
  • For shoes I opt for some trainers or sneakers with good arch support since I usually walk most of the park to get where I want to go and think everyone across genders should consider this, too, if they plan on walking much.
  • On really hot days where water rides are a must, wearing a swimsuit under your clothes is totally acceptable and a smart move if you want to keep things comfortable.

For him:

  • In the summer, keeping cool is key.
  • If you want to go casual, t-shirts and shorts are the way to go.
  • Slacks and a thin shirt look nice and feel great, as well, and give you a bit of formality for nicer dining ventures.
  • Swim trunks can be worn if you plan on going on water rides.
  • Much like female outfits, going for comfy shoes is key, as you are going to be walking a ton. Save the dress shoes for a dinner date and break out something worn in and relaxed. You’ll thank me later if you do!

For the Kids:

  • Try to mimic how you dress with your kids.
  • It can be tempting to put them in super cute outfits but honestly, it’ll probably lead to a meltdown.
  • Dress them comfortably and let them relax with you as they experience the park.
  • Comfortable shorts or sundresses, t-shirts, and sneakers or broken in sandals (trust me, you do not want blisters!) are perfect for a summer day at Disneyland with the little ones.
  • Less is definitely more.

What to Wear at Disneyland During Fall

In the fall, California gets a bit fickle. At eight A.M. the temperature may be around fifty degrees then eighty five at four thirty P.M. then back down to sixty degrees by seven P.M. This can make it rather tricky to dress, as the rapidly changing temperatures mean you cannot go full winter nor can you rock shorts without risking getting too hot or cold at one point or another.

For Women:

  • The key to dressing for the California autumn is to layer.
  • Throw on a t-shirt with a cardigan, hoodie, or jacket on top and some jeans and you are all set.
  • Layering allows you to remove warmer clothes as needed or add more pieces if the temperature suddenly drops.
  • Jeans and boots are a good choice or some comfortable sneakers, as California gets a bit rainy in the fall.
  • Avoid canvas shoes if you do not want your toes getting wet! Also, a little pro-tip: when you take off a layer, tie it around your waist to keep it handy should you get cold again!
  • If you want to be a bit extra, grab a spirit jersey to keep warm while sticking with the Disneyland theme!

For Men:

  • The same general idea applies.
  • Try to layer your outfits to make it easier to keep your body temperature regulated.
  • Additionally, you can throw on a beanie or scarf for a little added warmth should it happen to be a colder day.
  • Warm socks are a great addition too, especially if it has been raining, as the group will be rather cold.

For the Kids:

  • If your kid will let you, try to layer their outfits.
  • Since little ones can be quite stubborn, it may be a good idea to just let them wear a sweatshirt and keep a t-shirt in their diaper bag or backpack to switch into if they get hot.
  • Plus, having extra clothes on hand in general is a good plan since tots are notorious for getting more than a bit messy while in the sticky, candy filled world of Disneyland.

What to Wear at Disneyland During Winter

Winter is, arguably, one of the best times to go to Disneyland, in my opinion. I adore the seasonal decorations and overall feeling of cheer as the holidays approach. You cannot go wrong with a Disney vacation anytime of year but there is something extra magical that happens when the temperatures begin to drop.

Like autumn, winter is a really confusing time in California. The temperature fluctuates greatly as the day wears on, making it quite difficult to dress comfortably for all points of the visit. You do not have to worry about layering on a ton of sweaters and heavy coats but some mornings you will definitely feel a chill then be surprised by an afternoon heat wave. It is truly a bizarre, funky weather pattern.

For Women:

  • Layer, layer, layer. That is the absolute best advice I can give you.
  • Seriously, if you are cold, try adding a scarf, hat, and gloves, just be prepared to take them off later in the day and have somewhere to put them.
  • A thin long sleeve under a thin coat or thick cardigan is probably enough warmth.
  • Many people opt for leather jackets to keep cosy until the weather warms up later in the day, too.
  • Do not over do it with heavy coats or thermal wear. You’ll probably end up lugging around a bulky jacket by hand after a few hours so it’s best to just layer it up and make the best of it.

For Men:

  • Generally, follow the same general guidelines as women.
  • Layer and be prepared to take off clothes as needed. It will typically be between forty five degrees and seventy degrees but can fluctuate a bit depending on the weather, windchill, and rain levels.

For the Kids:

  • Kids can be especially tricky during the winter.
  • It can be hard to keep little ones wearing layers and bundling them up can lead to them being too hot later.
  • During the winter, I usually opt for a sweatshirt and carry a t-shirt or light long sleeve in my bag. California winters are typically rather mild so this will be enough.
  • If your little tolerates hats, scarves, and mittens, try giving them those to wear as well.
  • You can sometimes find Disney themed ones that will encourage cooperation, too.

What to Wear at Disneyland During Spring

Spring is, by far, the easiest time to dress for Disneyland, in my opinion. California springs are gorgeous and fair, making it an excellent season to go to the park. Temperatures sit in the 60s and 70s and, aside from rain showers, the weather is usually nice so this is a perfect opportunity to pack light.

For Women:

  • Light long sleeves or thicker t-shirts are the way to go!
  • Jeans or shorts are both acceptable options, as are comfortable dresses and skirts.
  • This is a rather easy going season so just wear what feels right for the temperature.
  • Raincoats, ponchos, and waterproof shoes are a good idea, too, it’s always best to be prepared in order to enjoy Disneyland when it rains.

For Men:

  • T-shirts, jeans, comfortable shoes, and light jackets are perfect for the spring in California.
  • This is seriously an easy time to dress as the temperatures are relatively stable and warm enough that you will be cosy while walking about without overheating.
  • Heed the rain warning above and you are all set.

For the Kids:

  • Again, this is a super easy time to dress.
  • Bring a raincoat or poncho and some boots for your little one and dress them in a light long sleeve or short sleeve with a jacket in your bag incase of a temperature drop and you are all set!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Try to check the weather before you leave. This is only a rough guide; check the weather for your trip dates before you go and base your packing off of that. Sometimes things will be colder or hotter than average so always be prepared and bring a few extra articles of clothing just in case something changes while you are on vacation.
  2. Pack for the season. Dressing up can be fun but if you are freezing or overheated, you probably will not have a great time. Heels are also rather uncomfortable to walk through the park for hours on end, too. Enjoy your vacation and let yourself relax; there are plenty of ways to look amazing without being uncomfortable, trust me.
  3. Pick up some Disney accents. Mouse ears, hats, bags, and other accessories can be fun additions to any Disney outfit! Let yourself be silly and have a good time; there are plenty of opportunities in life to be super serious, take a break!

Related Questions and Answers

1. Can you buy essentials at Disneyland?

Sure! Disneyland carries basic items like umbrellas, hats, visors, and rain ponchos at various points within the park. That being said, unless you want a specifically Disney themed item, it is much cheaper to just bring your own from home. Disney souvenirs are quite pricey so why not save that cash for some ears or a t-shirt?

2. Can I wear a costume?

Disneyland does not allow costumes to be worn by adults to prevent confusion. Think about it: if everyone was allowed to wear full body Mickey suits or Darth Vader outfits, how would the other guests distinguish between cast members and other guests? Anyone over the age of fourteen cannot dress up fully and must stick to more low key options like ears or accessories. Children can dress up with no issue so do not worry! They are more than welcome to be their favorite character while they are in the park. The exception to this is, of course, Halloween and other special events, at which you can dress up within these specifications. Just do not take photos or sign autographs in your Halloween costume; that is frowned upon and may get you removed from the park.

3. Are there any restrictions or dress codes in place?

Yes, there are but they are fairly lax. Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older, barring special events. Masks cannot be worn by adults, either unless they are medically necessary. Offensive clothing and tattoos are not permitted, nor are clothing items that are a tripping hazard. You also must be dressed in a way that is appropriate for a family environment and be prepared to be searched at the discretion of the security employees. You can read more about all of the regulations here.

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