Is DownTown Disney Free?

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Located in Anaheim, California, DownTown Disney connects both Disneyland and California Adventures. DownTown Disney is filled with a lot of stuff to do whether you are wanting to grab a bite to eat, people watch, or get a taste as to what DownTown Disney has to offer.

Many people ask the question, “Is DownTown Disney free?”. No, you don’t need to. Many people believe you have to, due to the fact that it’s situated in the middle of two very popular theme parks, you would think there is a fee to get in, you’d be wrong.

Buzzing restaurants filled with people, lively street musicians, the smell of freshly made cotton candy or kettle corn filling your senses with its mesmerizing smell. The stores that are filled with characters we all know and love, the reason why most of us come to this city to see. Welcome to the magical world of DownTown Disney.

DownTown Disney is a world in itself and the best part of all, is that it’s free as you don’t need to pay for a Disneyland ticket to see DownTown Disney.  And if you so happen to be in the area or are planning to, DownTown Disney is definitely a must see. Whether you live close or far, spending the day in DownTown Disney never gets old. There is quite a bit to see, eat, and enjoy with family and friends. DownTown Disney is definitely a world within itself with colorful cartoon signs that fills the pediatrician street and Disney Lego characters outside the Lego store, to the UVA bar situated in the middle of DownTown Disney that lights up at night.

There is a lot to see in DownTown Disney and with every season, DownTown Disney is beautifully decorated to match. During the winter, an ice rink is added to the entertainment which fills with lots of families gliding around the ice rink as the festive holiday cheer floats throughout the town. The ice rink opens before Thanksgiving and goes until February giving everyone a chance to enjoy the ice rick for the last time. During Christmas time DownTown Disney not only puts an ice rink for the community to skate but also decorates the town with a Christmas village. During the fall, Disney is decorated with all the fall décor, and is definitely a sight to see.

Things to Do in DownTown Disney:

There are quite a few things to do in DownTown Disney and if you think you might be bored, think again. From children to grown adults there is something for everyone down in DownTown Disney. Whether you here for the day, the weekend, or for the whole week, find time to visit DownTown Disney, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Taking a break from the resorts, or theme parks? DownTown Disney is the perfect place to come and relax while grabbing a bite to eat. Don’t know what DownTown Disney has to offer? Here are just a few things you can do while you are in DownTown Disney:


If you are heading to DownTown Disney to grab a bite to eat, you have made a great choice in doing so. Whether you are eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack DownTown Disney has everything to offer. You also have the choice of fast food, five-star dining restaurants, and food trucks. They also have a big variety of different cuisines to choose from. Whether you are looking to eat Italian, American, a gourmet meal, or Mexican, there is every food choice that you may be craving.

After dinner if you have just enough room for dessert, you are definitely in for a treat. There is a huge variety of desserts such as ice cream sundaes, hand dipped ice cream, fudge, churros, Disney inspired character desserts, and much more. No matter your sweet tooth, there is a great chance you will find it in DownTown Disney. Perfect for an evening stroll as you enjoy your dessert with you family, or some great friends.


If you’re looking to shop for souvenirs or for clothing to remember your trip, there are a lot of great shops down in DownTown Disney. You have many choices to choose from including shops such as world of Disney to buy mickey ears, the Disney dress shop to buy your favorite Disney princess gown, Disney home to buy décor for your home, the Lego store, and much more.

What’s great about the DownTown Disney is that do not only have Disney related items but also have Pandora jewelry, Sephora, a sandal shop, a surf shop, and many more shops that are located in the central of Disney. If you are looking to pick up something fast, DownTown Disney also is filled with kiosks that sell souvenirs, shirts, henna tattoos, face painting, and nick knacks.


In addition to individual businesses along the street, there is also a lot of music entertainment to enjoy while you’re eating dinner or for after dinner relaxation. There is an outdoor stage that frequently hosts free performances and depending on the season you may be in luck with seasonal concerts that are playing in the evenings. If you love jazz then you are in for a treat, Flambeau’s Jazz Club hosts nightly jazz shows. As you walk down the lane of DownTown, you may also enjoy all the street performers that fill the streets with beautiful music for your enjoyment.

Whether you are with your family or friends and enjoy some bowling, DownTown Disney also has a bowling lane which could provide an evening of entertain for you and your family or friends. See which one of you is actually the best, while grabbing a few snacks or two.

DownTown Disney is not only for the kids, there are also a bar for the adults that enjoy a drink while enjoying their stay in Anaheim. It’s a great idea for the night out and if you are in the area to stop by and enjoy the evening with your loved one or with some friends.

Don’t forget that there is also a movie theater where you and your family can take a break from the heat this summer and enjoy some popcorn and a movie. Offering all the latest movies and relaxing in the air conditioning to wind down the kids, or to take your date on after eating some dinner and listening to some jazz music.

DownTown Disney Related Questions

Do I Need to Make Dinner Reservations at DownTown Disney?

No, but if you do not want to wait for a table or have a big party, it’s always good to call in advance. Making sure the restaurant has enough room to fit your party comfortably and not having to wait a long while for a table. It also may depend on the season and the day that you are going. All year-round Disney is crowded with families no matter the day or time so if you are going on a weekend and in season when children are off from school, be prepared to have a wait time before being sat for dinner.

Is Parking at DownTown Disney Free?

Parking is techniquelly free if you purchase a $20 minimum and receive a validation from buying from one of the stores. If you buy from one of the stores you will be getting 3 hours free of parking, if dine in from one of the restaurants at DownTown Disney than you get five hours of free parking. Making sure to not pay for parking if you know you will dine at one of the restaurants or buy something. Than it will end up costing you double the amount. Making sure to follow the signs for DownTown Disney parking. Parking in the wrong lot, is not validation for the ticket from one of the stores or restaurants. It’s separate from the theme park lot so be sure to follow the arrows to the right lot.

Does the entertainment at DownTown Disney cater to families as well as young adults and couples?

Yes, there is something for everyone, during the holidays there are festivities for the children and adults. And during regular times, there is entertainment for both children and adults. Whether you choose to shop, eat, watch, or drink. There is something for everyone. There are even bars, and live music for the adults. Bowling, the Disney or Lego store for the children. Trust me, down in DownTown Disney you will never be bored. The time will go by so fast, you will be wondering where had the night gone. There is tons of stuff to do and no matter the age of you or your children, they would find something that sparks their interest, giving everyone that goes there a great memory and a great night out in town. the best part of all is that it’s not far off from the hotels, or the resorts so if you do have a chance don’t forget to visit DownTown Disney and enjoy what the boardwalk has to offer.

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