Does Disneyland Have WiFi?

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Does Disneyland have WiFi? In short, yes Disneyland does offer WiFi, however there are only certain areas throughout the park where it’s available.

Though for many people vacations are a time to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy time with friends and family, it is nearly impossible to fully unplug in this modern world where so much of our communication occurs through the internet. Despite being a nearly perfect vacation destination for families and solo travelers alike, Disneyland does have one major pitfall: a lack of internet connect-ability for those without unlimited data. This may sound like a non-issue for many people but when you have to check emails or even just want to post photos of your trip or video call someone who could not come along, it can be quite difficult and put a damper on the vacation fun. Luckily, though, Disneyland has taken this critique into consideration and created a few hotspots across the park to help make keeping connected a little easier while at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disneyland Free Wifi Hotspot Locations

Disneyland has created several hotspot locations through the park to help make your posting a little easier. This does not mean that internet access is available throughout the entire park, though. In order to access wifi in the park you will have to seek out one of the designated spots; much of the area is still a dead zone unless you want to use your own data plan to access the internet or apps. Luckily, though, the hotspots are free and easy to get to so it is not too much of a hassle.

To use the internet, you can simply use the Disneyland official app to find a hotspot near you (or check out the list we have in this article). Once you locate the hotspot, just connect your device to the wifi listed as Disney-Guest. It should not have a password and should connect easily. Any of the other Disney internet connections are password protected and will not allow your device to sync so be sure to select the Disney-Guest one.

These sites all offer wifi access:

  • Matterhorn Bobsleds – South
  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
  • Rivers of America
  • Small World Promenade
  • Central Plaza
  • Tomorrowland
  • Information Board
  • Space Mountain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds – North
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan’s Flight

Disneyland Hotels

All of the Disneyland Resort hotels offer complimentary wifi. If you are able to make it back to your room to use the internet, the connection will likely be faster and more secure, meaning it will work better if you are hoping to browse photo or video heavy websites, upload photo files, or download anything at all. These internet connections are a great asset if you have little ones who need a break from the park, as you can upload photos from the day as your kiddos recharge and refresh before heading back out. Additionally, these connections are sometimes password protected so that only those from the hotel can use them, making them less crowded and, by default, faster.

A Portable Hotspot

If you want to have wifi access without being tethered to one spot in the park, you can opt to take matters into your own hands and bring in a portable hotspot. These devices allow you to use the internet with one or more devices, depending on your plan, no matter where you are (for the most part). Many people report excellent signals within Disneyland so if you work at a company that requires you to be contactable or you otherwise need to have internet access at all times, bringing a portable hotspot can help ensure you do not miss anything important.

Portable hotspots can be purchased through most phone and internet providers in both prepaid and monthly contractual versions. The price of the plan depends on where you go and what company you use and can vary greatly depending on your area and other factors so be sure to shop around. Make sure that you get a password protectable portable hotspot to prevent other guests from accidentally connecting and using your data, as this could push you over the allotted amount your device has, resulting in a slower site response time and additional fees for monthly contracts or loss of connection for prepaid plans.

The Giving Spirit

Many mobile phones offer the option to share their internet connection with other devices. If you have unlimited data and another member of your group does not, consider sharing your data with them. It will result in a slightly lower load time for some people but it could mean they are more engrossed in the Disneyland experience and not fussing with locating hotspots continually while you are all exploring. Just be sure to check with your provider beforehand to make sure such actions are not prohibited in your unlimited plan; sometimes they will charge an extra fee if they notice you using the feature, especially if the other person uses a large amount of data.

Connection Down

Sometimes, things happen and stuff goes wrong. Though Disneyland takes precautions to make sure that the internet is almost always up and running in the parks, sometimes it does go down or other events prevent you from connecting. If you are unable to connect to any of the wifi hotspots, have a cast member direct you to the guest services desk. They will be able to help you figure out a remedy to the issue, be it through technical means if the issue is just with your device or putting in a service request to fix a more widespread internet problem. Either way, Disney will do its best to make sure you have access to the wifi no matter which hotspot you choose to use.

FAQ and Answers

Can you purchase a premium wifi subscription like other parks sometimes offer?

At Disneyland you cannot purchase a premium wifi subscription. The wifi at all wifi hotspots is free to all guests who care to connect. This is a complimentary service meant to be an added perk in the park to make your time in the park even more fun! If you want a better connection you can probably find something a little faster at your hotel since the service will be less heavily used.

Does Disneyland offer device charging?

They do! Disneyland has launched a charging vending machine service through FuelRod where you can rent portable chargers and cords to keep your device fully charged for a one time per day fee. The fee is around thirty dollars per device per day and allows you not only one fully charged portable charger but also grants you the ability to swap out the charger for a fully charged one at any time through any of the vending machines at no extra cost. Alternatively you could also just buy a portable charger from Gadgets on the Go kiosks that are located around the park, many of which are cute Disney designed ones that are exclusive to the parks.

You can find the rental vending machines at:

  • Main Street Lockers
  • Tomorrowland Starcade
  • Frontierland Entrance
  • Critter Country – Pooh’s Corner

For exact locations of the Gadgets on the Go kiosks you can use the Disneyland app!

Is there a less crowded place to use free wifi?

If you go into the lobby of any of the three Disneyland hotels, you can use their wifi. This is free as well and you do not have to be a guest. Be sure not to download large files and be respectful while using these though, as it can slow down the internet for everyone else. This is a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the parks for a few moments and enjoy air conditioning and wifi at the same time.


Though it is not a park-wide service, Disneyland does offer free wifi for all of its guests. Just access any of the locations listed above and you should find a free connection listed as Disney-Guest that does not have any sort of password protection or restrictions. Feel free to use this or utilize any hacks listed in our article to help make the most of your vacation without sacrificing your connection to your friends and family outside of the park!

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