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Late into the night, after hours of research, I was able to compile a definitive list of how to get Disneyland tickets at a discount. Don’t doubt me, it can be done! Whether you are staying at the hotel, are thinking of becoming a passholder, a Southern California resident, or visiting for multiple days, this list has you covered — I’ve even found a few surprises while digging deeper into the discount abyss.  Don’t pay full price for an admission to Disneyland before checking this guide!

What to Consider:

Are you staying at a Disneyland hotel?

For Disneyland Hotel guests, you do receive entrance to the park one hour earlier before the general public, popularly known as “Magic Hour”.  This allows you to make the most of your time. While there are only a select number of attractions and shops opened at Disneyland during Magic Hour, utilizing that extra hour with lighter crowds, certainly will maximize the value of your Disneyland admission — offering a chance to get on more rides in less time before the park officially opens for the day.

How many days do you plan on visiting the park(s)?

Depending on how many days you plan on visiting Disneyland and/or Disney California Adventure Park, you may want to consider getting a multi-day pass. With each day you add-on as a visit the price of the ticket reduces.

Here is a sampling of prices from June 2019 during peak season:

1-day $149

2-day $225

3-day $300

4-day $325

5-day $340

The multi-day passes are good for 13 days from the first day of visit and include one Magic Morning entrance (access to the parks, shops, and attractions one hour early before the park opens to the general public). The single Magic Morning admission is only valid on Disneyland Park multi-passes of 3 days or more. A multi-pass ticket allows an entrance to either Disneyland or Disney California Adventures (not both) per day. The ticket is valid for either park so you can choose to attend Disneyland one day and California Adventures the next.

Is a Disney Park Hopper ticket worth it?

In short, yes it is! A Park Hopper ticket grants you entrance to both Disneyland and California Adventure Park on the same day. You can essentially “hop” back and forth from park to park in a single day. You can save close $50 on a single-day Park Hopper ticket during peak season as opposed to purchasing two separate park admissions. You can also purchase a Park Hopper ticket as a multi-day pass for up to 5 days. The advantage of the Park Hopper ticket is not only the savings to enter both parks, but also the relief of being able to hop over to California Adventure Park when the Disneyland Park crowds get too out of control.

5 Tips on Purchasing Discount Disneyland Tickets Online:

While buying Disneyland Park tickets at the gate is always an option there are two very good reasons to purchase park tickets online. First, you can lock in the best price without fear of Disneyland raising their prices (this is always a possibility) and second, you’ll be able to dodge the long lines at the ticket window just by purchasing your ticket online and being able to show the barcode on your mobile advice at the main entrance gates. Easy breezy!

Here are tips for purchasing your online Disneyland Tickets:

  1. Always use a Disneyland authorized ticket seller. Research the online source, consumer reviews, etc. before you commit to purchasing. If it sounds too good of a deal, it’s probably a scam!
  2. Make sure you know the age requirements for the different ticket options at Disneyland before making your purchase. For instance, children under the age of three are free and require no ticket, children age 3 to age 9 require a child’s admission ticket and children 10 years of age and older require an adult ticket.
  3. Please note that Disneyland 1-day park tickets are rarely discounted. Beware of scammers trying to sell you cheap Disneyland 1-day park tickets. There are some group affiliations such as teachers, military, students who may be qualified for 1-day ticket discounts through their specific organizations.
  4. Read all the terms and conditions, restrictions, and fine print of your Disneyland ticket purchase before making the final transaction. Be mindful of expiration dates, blackout dates, pick up or delivery details, and Magic Morning Early access days.
  5. Don’t forget to add parking! Disneyland Park admission does not include parking at the parks or at the hotels, so please make sure you take into consideration your budget, adding at least $25 for parking. You can prepay for parking on the Disneyland website and receive a voucher good for one day of parking.

Disneyland Ticket Deals

Undercover Tourist – This is a highly regarded ticket vendor that sells discount Disneyland tickets. Undercover Tourist offers tickets straight to your email inbox without the hassle of waiting in line at Disneyland’s ticket booth to get your tickets. Simply print them out at home or show them at the park’s main entrance gates from your mobile device.

What is the Best Time of Year to Purchase Discount Disneyland Tickets?

Disneyland offers a different ticket pricing depending on which time of year you are a guest at the park – Peak, Regular, and Value seasons. For peak summer months, guests will pay the most out of the year, as opposed to winter months when the park is less crowded. A sampling of a common Disneyland seasonal ticket schedule would be:

Peak: June through early September

Regular: March, April, May

Value: January, February, late October, early November, and early December.

Depending on current ticket pricing you could save up to $50 by purchasing a Disneyland Park ticket during its value season.

Cheap Disneyland Tickets 1-day:

1-day Disneyland tickets are rarely discounted. There are some group affiliations such as teachers, military, students who can be eligible for 1-day ticket discounts through their specific organizations.

Multi-day Park Passes:

Multi-day Disneyland park passes are the best way to get the most out of your Disneyland experience. Not only do you save money by tacking on an extra day to your ticket, but you also have the ease of visiting more than one park and being able to take more advantage of what is at the parks (there are more than just the rides!). Tickets will expire 13 days after first use.

2-Day Park Pass:

2-day park passes offer guests admission for two days for either Disneyland Park or California Adventures – your choice of 1 park per day. Purchasing a 2-day Park Pass could save you up to $35 per day.

3-Day Park Pass:

3-day park passes offer guests admission for three days to either Disneyland Park or California Adventures – your choice of 1 park per day. Purchasing a 3-day Park Pass could save you up to $49 per day.

4-Day Park Pass:

4-day park passes offer guests admission for four days to either Disneyland Park or California Adventures – your choice of 1 park per day. Purchasing a 4-day Park Pass could save you up to $68 per day.

5-Day Park Pass:

5-day park passes offer guests admission for five days to either Disneyland Park or California Adventures – your choice of 1 park per day. Purchasing a 2-day Park Pass could save you up to $80.

Park Hoppers:

Instead of purchasing two separate park tickets, Park Hopper tickets give guests a discount by combining two park admissions into one ticket. Park Hopper tickets offer guests the ease of visiting both parks (Disneyland and California Adventures) during the same visit. Park Hopper tickets can also be purchased as multi-day Park Hopper tickets such as 2-day Park Hopper tickets and up to 5 days.

Southern California Passes:

If you are a Southern California resident, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the occasional Southern California discount offered. This special discount is not offered year round and when it is offered there are restrictions like strict expiration and blackout dates.

Usually the Southern California discount is offered as a 2-day or 3-day pass at a discounted rate that is even more inexpensive than the general multi-day ticket passes and with an expiration date that surpasses the usual 13-day after first use expire date. Southern California Passports are another option (offered year round) which start at $399 and offer an easy monthly payment option and includes dining and retail discounts, admissions to either park, and Disney MaxPass which enables you to get FASTPASS tickets through the Disneyland mobile app.

Disney Annual Passports & Flex Passports:

Disney Annual Passports and Flex Passports are a great way to get a discount on Disneyland tickets if you are a regular Disneyland Park visitor. Annual Passports and Flex Passports have many cool benefits like dining and retail discounts, the option to make FASTPASS picks from your mobile device, admission to both parks, and some premium Passports even include Disney Signature Parking. The drawback is that depending on the type of annual passport you choose, there may be blackout dates especially during holiday seasons.

Other Ways To Get Disneyland Discount Tickets:

Automobile Club: AAA Members can receive small discounts (up to $14) on multi-day park passes. Please check with your local Auto Club office for current pricing.

Costco: Costco currently does not offer discount on Disneyland Park tickets, however you can receive discounts off Disney Vacation Packages.

Disney Vacation Club: Becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club grants you special invitations and discounts to Disneyland Theme Park experiences like ‘After Hours at the Park’ with special discount pricing. Currently there are no single day or multi-day pass discounts with a Disney Vacation Club membership that are greater than what Disneyland is offering the general public, however as a club member there are occasional invitation for discounted tickets and special events.

Last Minute Travel Discounts: No, this is not scrambling at the last minute to get Disneyland tickets, this is Last Minute Travel Club, an authorized ticket seller for the Walt Disney Resort. Disney fans swear bu this website that offers them discounts on multi-day park passes. Check the website for current discounts, but savings could be in the double digits!

Law Enforcement discounts: Disneyland does not offer discounts directly to law enforcement or firefighters. However, Firefighters and police department members should check with their union or benefits department to see if there are any active Disney park discounts being offered.

Military Ticket Discounts: Disneyland is proud to offer discounts to military personnel with generous discounts for 3- and 4-day Park Hopper tickets. Members of the active and retired military should contact their participating U.S. military base ticket office.

Group Discounts: Disneyland Parks offer group discounts for 15 people or more from eligible nonprofit organizations. Call Disneyland Group Sales for detailed information (714) 781-4565.

College Student Discounts: College students are encouraged to check with their student unions to see if they are eligible for a student discount. Some student unions may offer single-day or multi-day pass discounts.

Teacher Unions: Occasionally teachers are offered discounts for Disneyland passes and are encouraged to check with their union.

Youth Group Discounts: Disneyland offers discounts to Youth Groups for youths ages 3 to 22. These are specifically priced tickets for larger groups – think field trips. You must call Disneyland directly to inquire and make reservations (800) 232-7980.

Corporate and Government Agencies: No matter where you work, it’s good advice to check with your human resources department to see if your company is eligible to Disneyland discounts. You never know, you may be surprised that your company is a sponsor of Disney (like Chase, Kellogg, or ADT security) and get deep discounts on park passes.

Combo Tickets with Other Theme Parks:  Why not double your dose of California theme parks all while saving money with the Disneyland Resort & Universal Studios Hollywood Combo Pass or the Disneyland Resort & Knott’s Berry Farm Combo Pass. You’ll get a Disneyland Resort multi-day pass plus a 1-day general admission to the second park. The most common combination is the 2-day Disneyland Resort pass with 1-day Universal Studios or Knott’s pass. Always purchase combo tickets through an authorized seller.

Should I Get A Disneyland Annual Pass?

If you are someone who is a die-hard Disney fan who enjoys going to the park multiple times a year, then getting a Disneyland Annual Pass (Passport) may be your best bet! As an annual pass holder you’ll be the envy of all your friends with special park discounts on shopping and dining, admission to either park, and special invitations to exclusive Disneyland events and discounts for hotel stays.

The Annual Passes can be purchased in one lump sum or at a lower monthly rate with zero interest for California residents only. You can also add on a Disney Max Pass for an additional charge which entitles the pass holder to reserve FASTPASS tickets through their mobile device.

Different Types of Disneyland Annual Passes:

Disney Southern California Select Passport: For Southern California Residents only. Starts at $399 and includes dining and retail discounts, admission to either parks (1 park per day), and option to add Disney MaxPass. There are many blackout and restricted dates for this pass including most holidays, peak season months, and weekends.

Disney Flex Passport:  Starts at $599 per year. The Flex Passport comes with admission to either parks (1 park per day), dining and retail discounts, and option to add Disney MaxPass. This passport has restricted and blackout dates including peak season and holidays. Some calendar dates require advanced reservations before visiting the parks including dates in peak summer months.

Disney Deluxe Passport: Starts at $799 per year. The Disney Deluxe Passport includes admission to either park (1 park per day), dining and retail discounts, and option to add Disney MaxPass. Blackout dates apply and include peak calendar dates and holidays.

Disney Signature Passport: Starts at $1,149 per year. The Disney Signature Passport gives you more perks than the previous mentioned passports. It includes admission to either park (1 park per day), a larger discount on dining and retail, option to add Disney MaxPass, complimentary standard theme park parking, and less blackout and restricted days per year.

Disney Signature Plus Passport:  Starts at $1,399. The Disney Signature Plus Passport is the gold label in Disney passports. This passport includes all the benefits of the Signature Passport, plus you are able to visit both parks in the same day, no blackout dates, and includes the Disney MaxPass feature.

Disney Premier Passport: Starts at $1,949. Available only at the Disneyland Park ticket booth. This pass is for the ultimate Disney lover because it includes admission to all Disneyland Parks in both Southern California and Florida. It includes all the benefits of the Signature Plus Passport plus invitations to special guest experiences within the park and a subscription to Mickey Monitor — a passholder-only publication.

Special Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland Resort Magic Hour: Yes! It is a magical hour when you are allotted entry in Disneyland one hour prior to opening. You practically have the whole park to yourself to get on select rides and shop without the crowds for a full 60 minutes before the park opens to the public. Magic Hour is only for registered guests staying at the Disneyland Resort hotels and is valid on the day you check in and the day you check out for either Disneyland Park or California Adventures. However, you can get one “Magic Morning” entrance when your purchase a 3-, 4-, or 5-day pass. This is only for Disneyland Park and not for California Adventures.

VIP Tickets: If you want to get the Kardashian treatment on your next visit to Disneyland, may I entice you with VIP tickets. These tickets come with your very own Disneyland Guide and FAST PASS tickets to all the premier rides at Disneyland as well as front row seats to attractions and character meet and greets. VIP tickets begin at $425-$600 per hour depending on the season. Price of admission to either of the Disneyland parks are not included and must be purchased separately. The great part is you can invite up to 10 people total to be a part of this VIP experience.

Holiday Celebrations: In my book, Disneyland is the best places to visit during the holidays because of their extravagant party-throwing skills. Whether it’s snow on Main Street during Christmas or decking out the Haunted Mansion in spooky decorations for Halloween, Disney doesn’t hold back on bringing the holiday flair!

Disneyland hosts various specialized events throughout the year, but hands down the most popular is their Halloween Party that happens on select nights in September and October of each year. Both parks (Disneyland and California Adventures) have their own Halloween celebrations going on and each require separate tickets to attend that is a smidge discounted from a full day park ticket. Typical hours for Halloween Time at Disneyland is after dark 6:00pm-11:00pm.

Related Questions About Discount Disneyland Tickets

Are Disneyland tickets more expensive at the gate?

Single-day Disneyland tickets are the same price at the gate and online, however there are two bonuses for purchasing your tickets ahead of time. First, you lock in a set price that doesn’t change even if Disneyland decides to raise the price after you purchase your ticket and second, you don’t have to wait in the long ‘purchase tickets’ line because as they say – “time is money”!

What happens if I lose my Disneyland ticket(s)?

Don’t fret! Most people are equipped with smartphones nowadays, which means losing your Disneyland ticket may be impossible when you purchase your ticket online and are given a mobile code to have scanned at the gate. You can show your email confirmation as proof of purchase to have your ticket reissued in the event you did not receive a Disney e-ticket.

However, if you did not receive an email confirmation and you are not able to show proof of purchase from your phone, Disneyland will reissue the ticket if you show the following:  a photo identification, the credit card you used to purchase the ticket, and a printout of the order confirmation if you purchased the ticket(s) online. Hakuna Matata!

Do I get discounts for Disneyland tickets if I have an Annual Pass?

Sometimes. Having a Disneyland Annual Pass definitely has its perks, The annual pass allows you to get into the park and discounts at participating shops and restaurants within Disneyland Parks, however it does not allow you to purchase park tickets at a discount unless there is a special offer.

Sometimes Disneyland will announce and Friends & Family special for Disneyland Annual Pass holders. This is usually a limited time offer with restrictions such as blackout dates. For instance, Disneyland celebrated National Friends Day in 2018 by having a 40% off park tickets for Friends & Family of Annual Pass holders. So keep a lookout for these offers!

Can You Get In Free to Disneyland on Your Birthday?

No free entry to Disneyland on your birthday. Boo! But visit Disney’s City Hall on Main Street U.S.A. and receive a free birthday badge you can wear around the park and gloat to all the other “unbirthday” guests.

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